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SEEGER WEISS LLP is one of the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ law firms. The Firm currently numbers approximately 20 attorneys operating out of offices in New York City, NY; Ridgefield Park, NJ; and Philadelphia, PA. It focuses on mass tort and class action litigation, with particular emphasis in the areas of products liability, pharmaceutical injury, consumer protection, environmental and toxic tort, securities fraud, antitrust, insurance, ERISA, employment, and qui tam litigation.

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Founding partner, Chris Seeger, began his career representing corporate interests through a variety of bankruptcy and commercial litigation lawsuits. Seeger took notice of how many individuals were being victimized by corporate abuse and malfeasance and therefore decided to shift his focus to these individuals in pursuit of justice. In his shift to the plaintiff’s bar, he began his own practice which would in time become Seeger Weiss. This firm has a “leg up” on competition considering their extensive experience in both personal injury law and multi-district litigation and ensure clients receive a fair settlement.

Our Team

Located in New York, Ridgefield Park, and Philadelphia, Seeger Weiss takes pride in the talent and skill of its attorneys: a diverse mix of big-firm veterans, former prosecutors, and home-grown partners. These lawyers, in turn, have given Seeger Weiss a breadth of experience and sophistication that’s striking for a plaintiffs’ firm, helping build it into an all-purpose, high-octane litigation powerhouse not confined to any one specialty.

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PTSD and Alcohol Addiction Help and Support

PTSD and Addiction

Frequently co-occurring among people with substance use disorders,
PTSD is a debilitating mental disorder that affects people who have lived through a traumatic event or prolonged trauma.
Simultaneous treatment for substance abuse disorders and PTSD has been shown to alleviate symptoms of
both disorders and often is the only lifeline to save people drowning in the afflictions of the disorders.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a disease that changes the way the brain works.
It causes negative emotions, impulsive behavior, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Treatment for alcohol addiction includes supervised detox, counseling and therapy, and support group participation.

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Talking About PTSD

Life Isn’t Always Fair

“Life isn’t always fair.
Some people are born into better environments.
Some people have better genetics.
Some are in the right place at the right time.
If you’re trying to change your life, all of this is irrelevant.
All that matters, is that you accept where you are, figure out where you want to be,
and then do what you can, today and every day, to hold your head high and keep moving forward.”

— Lori Deschene

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Talking About PTSD