Micro VS Marco


Micro VS Marco: Keep It Simple

When we  take a real look at life, we must admit the journey is quite overwhelming.  Just when you think you have figured it out, something happens and rocks your world.  The key is to see the whole picture.  You are a micro in a macro world. We don’t think about it we just walk into it like it is normal to be infested with negativity and detachment.

Look at yourself, you are just a single unit of existence.  You are free to bask in this state of being at home but once you walk out the door of your house, your single unit is forced into the macro existence of millions of micros forcing a chaotic and loveless macro that is usually very harsh and selfish.

You get in your car and head to work.  You notice many micros looking very numb and unhappy.  How are you looking to others today?  Are you contributing to the massive heartless macro or are you able to separate yourself from the energy field it possess by smiling and counting your blessings?

The macro does not have to push you around and put you in survival and victim mode if you empower your micro to be here but not here based on what is permeating from your being.  You must make your home heaven on earth.  It has to be the place where you regenerate positive vibrations within your being.  Your environment has to be vibrating a high frequency of good, love, peace, strength, freedom and acceptance of self.

When you make this a priority, you can step out into the macro and not be killed mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You can also be a contributor to the mini micros who are establishing a base of positive vibrations to exist in a better state of being.  This is a lifestyle with great rewards.  Establishing a self-nurturing base for your self gives you power that grows and become a light in a dark world.

Save your self and love doing it.  It is a beautiful journey.  When you do this, the macro has to back off and emerge with its own kind.

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