Dear Racist

Dear Racist,

First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter.  You do not know me and I don’t know you but I have felt your presence many times.  Yesterday I started my day thanking God for waking me up and allowing me to have a job.  There was a warm and grateful smile on my face as I greeted strangers I passed as I walked through the parking lot to enter the doors to my job.  As I turned the corner to get on the elevator, I was greeted with a dark, cold and fearful unseen vibration that made me wonder if Satan himself had entered the building.  I took a deep breath and proceeded to get on the elevator.  With a smile on my face I pushed the button to the floor I was heading to.  In the meantime there I was just you and me.

You stood there like you were made out of stone definitely was not giving up any eye contact.  You just stood in the elevator as far from me as you could almost as if you were not breathing.   Looking up with a smile, I silently thanked God I did not have to carry that spirit of racism in my soul.  I was glad you kept your distance because shielding me from your cruel vibrations was already difficult.

I don’t understand how you choose to hate someone you know not anything about.  Obviously, it is quite a chore to live with this conscious choice.  But do you know what it is doing to you?  There is no way hatred, anger; disgust, evil thoughts, and a need to attack and kill does not have a price.  These vibrations harm and kill the body.  Love cannot exist with these vibrations.  You can’t turn it off and on to love and return to hate.  It does not work like that.

How do I know how detrimental your state of existence is?  Easy, look at yourself.  Your consumption of hate is so great that you can’t keep it to yourself.  You have to find some kind of way to release it.  So powerfully overwhelming you have to release it on innocent people.  It kills you so you kill people.  It would take aliens from another world for you to realize there is only one race, the human race, a race God created.

I pray that you be set free from this demon of hate so you can live a healthier and warm life.  Your life is valuable.  My life is valuable.  God made us to love.  Just stop it, you don’t need it.  There is so much more to feel and experience in this life.

God Bless

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