A Son Shares His Father’s Experience With Cancer


What is your attitude about life?

Attitude is one of the biggest factors
that determine how we live our lives.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can
or you think you can’t you are correct.”

Our attitudes can turn what appear to be misfortunes into blessings.

Our attitudes can even save our lives.

I want to share with you a lesson I learned from my dad.

My dad lost his fight with cancer a little over a year ago.

What most didn’t know is that when he was first diagnosed he was given at most three years to live.

He turned three years into THIRTEEN.

The biggest reason was his attitude.

As a side note I hate when doctors give you a time limit on your life.  Most people take this as fact and end up living just about as long as the doctor gives them.

Doctors are human.  I’ve spent a lot of time with doctors outside the medical environment, “in real life”, playing cards or stuff like that.

There are times when I have thought, “This guy is a doctor?  Really?  How did he pull that off?  That is scary.”

Don’t get me wrong.  We have a lot of great doctors.  A lot.  I’m just saying doctors are not perfect.

So how did my dad’s attitude extend his life?  Was it just his positive thoughts that kept him alive?  Of course not.

He still sought out medical treatments and kept up with the latest developments, including a lot of trials.

He even still had moments where his emotions got the best of him. But for the most part he accepted his present situation, but knew he could do things to make it better.

It was like okay here is where we are, what do we need to do to get to there?

And many, many times over I saw him get to “there”.

There never was any, “My life is terrible.  Why did this have to happen to me?”

I never saw any constant complaining or self-pity because he knew if he started down that road he was giving himself a death sentence.

Most people like to complain.  It actually gives them a little relief from their life while they are doing it.

But constant complaining is like a drug.  It may make you feel better at the time but it is doing harm in the long run and the longer you do it the more harm it is going to do to you.

By not constantly complaining and taking control of his life and having an incredible attitude my dad added many healthy years to his life.  In fact you wouldn’t have even known he had cancer until the last year.

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