America Breeds PTSD


America Breeds PTSD

Would you believe this was basic training?  Here I am nineteen years old, a freshly graduated student from high school who chose to join the United States Army Corp.  How do a young lady end up in the Army?  I ended up there happily because it gave me hope for having control of my life.

I didn’t know at the time I had PTSD.  I knew there was something going on with me because I just could not relate to the realities adults introduced me to.  I never felt comfortable among my own people.  Yet, when I joined the U.S. Army, I felt comfortable with my fellow comrades.  I’ve often heard soldiers who have returned from war missed being there because there was something special there for them.  Their comrades were their family.  They were never alone.  For sure you felt safe knowing someone had your back even though the enemy was near.

This is what is missing in America, we have no comradeship.  We are at war with no uniforms.  Soldiers returning home have difficulty healing from war because of the lack of love and care they experience when entering here.  Here there is so much negativity and hopelessness.  People killed and victimized on a daily basis.  It is more dangerous here for soldiers than foreign countries because the enemies here are killing innocent people because of what is going on inside of them.  You can’t get a grip on this reality because people are in denial of it.  We are at war here in America because we have  given our power away to external forces.  our priorities are to get more and more stuff and prestige neglecting the heart and soul.  As long as we choose this path, people will continue to die and innocent souls will continue to go to war.  We have to get a grip on this insanity for our children’s sake.  Who is dying more and more daily or endangered?  CHILDREN!  I know because it was once me.  Go back to self—-save yourself from a loveless world go back in!

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