The Truth Will Set Your FREE

The Truth Will Set Your FREE

I am a firm believer “The Truth Will Set Free”.
Any truth is going to send you on a path to make better choices.

My first real experience of how powerful truth is was when I looked up to the sky and asked God to not take my husband,
His first and immediate answer was: “Pray for something else, I already have”.

God told me the truth with no mercy. Walking briskly in heartbroken pain heading to the emergency room,
I stopped and sat down on the bench. Something came into me and made it clear this is the truth of my life now, my husband is gone it time for a new walk with my children.

If I can accept the truth from God in the midst of my broken heart and begin to step in the best direction I can,
then I must know any truth is to my benefit.

The truth will set you free if you let it.

by Linda D. Wattley

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