Entertaining Way To PTSD

ellisaWhen I read “Eye of the Beholder” I wanted the whole world to read this book because the author went deep within herself to present it which allows the readers to go deep within themselves. I am not mentioning this book for commercial reasons. I am mentioning this book for soulful reasons.

This book gives you the hardcore reality of PTSD from the standpoint the main character is a soldier with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This soldier had it prior to going to war and it escalated as he lived the horrors of war. This man ‘s face was disfigured which landed him into the hands of a deeply spiritual woman who knew greater is the he of him on the inside than the he that is on the outside.

Reading “Eye of the Beholder” reminded me of how our soldiers are tended to by nurses with hearts and skills to cross our soldiers back to life knowing their lives will never be the same. Reading this book wakens everything possible inside of you, aspects goody two shoes people wouldn’t get yet be stimulated. The fact the writer knew sensuality and spirituality handled correctly and with love brings out a tremendous healing totally.

I had to share this with you because I know God wanted you to know about it. There are all kinds of avenues to get to a better place with self. This indeed is one of them.

Book by Elissa Gabrielle

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