Today Is About God In You

Today Is About God In You

My mother-in-law always told me in order to reach the top in life, someone must see good in you.
Your good can be shared with the world when the right person reaches out and take your hand.
When this happens, you know God was instrumental in making  the encounter possible.

Whatever is for you in life will come to you.  Just make sure you are prepared to receive it.
Each one of us have something uniquely special to give to others.  There are people waiting for your good to be shared with them.
Whatever you have going on inside of you prompting you do or say something,
you should do it because what you have is needed in someone’s life to help them reach a better state of being.

Be your best self at all times knowing you are drawing more good into your life and the lives of others.
Let your unique light so shine that others may see God in you.

You are a very important presence no matter how much time has been spent ignoring this reality.
You are given a new day to acknowledge the God in you and share it with the world.
There is no greater purpose.  Don’t you see it?


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