Money Can Make A Difference Dealing With Stress

Money Can Make A Difference Dealing With Stress

Please stop thinking money is something bad or something that needs to be avoided
or that you are less spiritual if you have money.

Money gives you choices and opens opportunities that you would not otherwise have.
You can use money to help others in ways you would not be able to if you didn’t have money.

Money is just energy.
Money is not good.
Money is not bad.
Money is a personality magnifier.
Money will take a person’s personality and broadcast it to the world.
A person who truly cares about others will be shown to be even more caring.
A greedy, self-absorbed individual will become worse.
Money gives you control over your life.

Feel good about money and you will find it available to fix many problems in your life.

Money removes barriers in your life.

Money is not the key to happiness, but it sure does help.


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