Inner Peace Begins The Moment You Choose

Inner Peace

After we have searched our mind and observed its many thoughts and imaginings, we come to peace.
How long we enjoy this peace is another story.
All it takes is another thought or demand placed upon us due to our daily choices of responsibility.
We move from one state to another mentally and physically without thought to our state of mind.
Peace is only required when it is time to rest for the night. But the key to health is peace of mind.
When we have peace we make more positive choices with our lives.
The key is: move with a mind that is at peace or don’t move at all.

God promises us He will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.
In all we do, do with God awareness.



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About Universalove

I am an author on a heartfelt mission. I want to share a truth that makes a difference to how one may exist in the world after trauma and victimization. I want our soldiers, veterans, and innocent victims to know PTSD does not have to own us. In fact, we are far greater than this disorder can ever be. We just have to see it for what it is. We have to see ourselves and once we realize this is our greatest priority, our godhood kicks in and reign.
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