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We Are Talking About PTSD

(Move the cursor midway  on bar scale 1:52:07 to interview or enjoy the entire two hours for all is encouraging)

Join Dr. John Stanford, Jr. of  MJWJ Global Talk  Radio Network and Linda Diane Wattley as they explore the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Two women with PTSD share their journey and realities on this show. It is interesting.

VIBES-LIVE EXCLUSIVE Robinlynne Mabin SPOTLIGHTS Author Linda Diane Wattley

Radio Show-Message About PTSD

Listen in to Linda Diane Wattley  talks about  her book with Tony of ArtistFirst Radio.

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What people are saying about “Soldier With A Backpack

Living And Dying Simultaneously”

Barry S. McLeod read this book and felt it was important to let you know what he discovered.  God bless!

Sharing inserts of Soldier With A Backpack Living And Dying Simultaneously!

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Reading words of a book that is life changing.


I am a firm believer that the truth will set you free. We are far more than what we hear. To have peace, you must be the source. I have a heart for my veteran brothers and sisters. And, I have a heart for innocent people, especially children who have been abused. We are God’s chosen people. Understanding makes it very clear.

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Promises to be a life-changer for better!

When someone says to never judge a book by its cover I truly believe that. For 35 years of my adult life the strongest person I know my mother Linda Wattley shares her life story of trials, tribulations, tragedy and redemption. Until I read “Soldier with a Backpack Living and Dying Simultaneously”, I never knew what made her tick and what made her the beautiful woman that she is today. This book will show you that no matter how hard the devil works to shatter and crush you; through prayer and faith you can triumph and continue to live and love life. Through this journey, Linda will take you on a roller coaster ride of events of her life and experiences that will make you question yourself as to how these things can happen to one person but yet still prevail. This book is great for anyone who has had any traumatic events in their life and who is looking for a form of therapeutic recovery by reading of someone else’s experience on how they were to overcome their on traumatic experiences. Multiple emotions will flow thru you as you hear about her childhood all the way to her husband’s death at an early age and being left to raise two boys by herself. But in the end, a smile will end up on your face as your sharing of the journey comes to an end in “Soldier with a Backpack Living and Dying Simultaneously”.

Robert D. Wattley III, Veteran Two Terms In Iraq

meThis Book Is For you!

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